• Spray-N-Relief can be used during and on these areas when applied liberally and let dry, reapply as needed:

    Sore Neck, Knees, Hands, Ankles, Elbows, Back, Bruises/contusions, Swelling, redness and pain, inflammation, Tendon injuries, Sprains, Minor sunburns and burns, Bug Bites, Cramps, Menstrual Pain, Strains, Tendentious, Fibromyalgia, Massage therapy, Shin Splints, Tired legs, Varicose Veins, Joint/muscle pain, Blood clots, Numbness, Fractured or broken bones and traumatic injuries, Veterinary medicine on racing horses and dogs, And many more…

User Testimonials

I love Spray-N-Relief and what it does for my workout. I Spray it on before and after my routine and it has worked wonders for my recovery time. I recommend it to everyone I meet!

Cynthia, Arizona / Facebook

Spray-N-Relief is a wonderful product, and I was surprised how quickly it worked!  I was able to face the day without having to worry about my back problems slowing me down. Thank you so much!

Veronica, Nevada / Facebook

Spray-N-Relief is absolutely amazing! Spray-N-Relief has helped my husband, and we use it so often that this bottle is almost completely empty already! It really is a lifesaver and already a staple in our home.

Jenna, Arizona / Facebook

I love Spray-N-Relief at the end of the workday. As a lifelong construction worker and a longtime medical marijuana patient, my back and shoulder injuries are screaming at me after a few hours of exertion. Just seeing the bottle reminds me relief is on the way. I keep the bottle on the counter at home. When I open the door and see it just waiting, oh man. I start feeling better already. Spray it on, rub it in, simple as that. I love the exotic smell too. This stuff even smells healthy.

Mikel, Arizona / Facebook

I have used it for my RA, it works. Thanks

Curly, Florida / Facebook

I love Spray-N-Relief!!

Phoenix, Arizona / Facebook

I literally cover myself in Spray-N-Relief Medicinal CBD almost daily, Love love love…. Thanks! 🙂

Matt, Arizona / Facebook


A brand new company with a timeless mission, Spray-N-Relief dedicates itself to sharing holistic herbal products with all the beneficial properties of the best herbs in the world. Everyone should have access to these natural alternatives. Mother Nature has given us everything we need to stay healthy and pain free. Our products are designed and marketed directly with the sole intention of serving the needs of multiple types of clients, while competing in multiple marketplaces with our original All Natural Spray-N-Relief & the Medicinal CBD Spray-N-Relief that contains a legal Hemp extract, which is legal in all fifty states. Our therapeutic proprietary blends are the highest quality in every step of our production to ensure the best therapeutic potency. With our commitment to quality of production, the latest in science and the oldest herbal wisdom, Spray-N-Relief will become a trusted household name.

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