The Spray-N-Relief proprietary herbal blend was first combined with Hemp oil to make the herbal liniment by the founder Andrew Young in 2013. They had the idea to combine these two worlds in a scientific curiosity to see what the solution would produce. Indeed synergy did occur, more than originally estimated! Since then, we here at the Spray-N-Relief labs have been working hard to make these therapeutic supplements as potent as they can be while remaining natural. We pride ourselves on creating a quality product that is safe for the whole family, and we do a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Spray-N-Relief.

Again, Spray-N-Relief herbal liniment is NOT to be ingested orally, seek a physician if it comes in contact with eyes and it is naturally flammable.

Spray-N-Relief herbal liniment spray is comprised of a proprietary blend of different herbs that create a topical synergy. Some of these herbs are listed on the ingredients page, but the full extent of the formula remains a trade secret.

Andrew Young
CEO - Creator

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